Hyde Retro Rave Recharge 5000 Puffs Review

The Hyde Retro Rave is an ultra portable e-cigarette device which boasts many features, including: performance, battery life, and disposable features. With a capacity of 5000 puffs, this device is capable of satisfying users’ needs, regardless of whether they want to vape on the go or to enjoy a long and pleasurable session at home.


The Hyde Retro RAVE has the best of both worlds: it’s disposable, so it can be taken on the go and it’s able to deliver a whopping 5000 puffs in a single charge. In addition, it’s also got a snazzy design that’s both attractive and functional. It’s also got a handy little LED light.

Hyde Retro Rave Recharge 5000 Puffs Review

While the device itself is fairly lightweight, it’s got a bit of a build quality to it. It’s also got a large, albeit battery-free, viewing window. A cool feature is the ability to control airflow by turning a knob on the side. Other nifty bits include a clever charging system and a built-in LED light that changes colors with the passing of the hour.

Overall, the Hyde RAVE is a laudatory device with an impressive array of flavors to choose from. It’s a winner in the disposable vape department, which isn’t always a given. As for battery life, the Hyde RAVE’s 400mAh battery can go about four full days on a single charge.


The Hyde Retro Rave Recharge is a stylish disposable vape. It comes with a cool LED light that can be switched on or off. Additionally, it has a rechargeable lithium ion battery. You can charge it using a Type-C cable.

It also has a semi-transparent e-liquid chamber. This makes it easy to track how much vapor you are getting from each puff. In addition, it has a rounded mouthpiece.

There are a number of flavors available. Some are inspired by breakfast cereal, others are inspired by the summer season. Some of the flavors include Cola Ice, blue raspberry and menthol, and Sour Apple Ice.

For those who love menthol, the Hyde Retro Rave is an excellent choice. However, if you aren’t a fan of menthol, there are plenty of other options. Many of the Hyde disposable vapes are targeted at the American market.

If you are looking for a more affordable alternative, the Hyde Rebel Pro is a good option. This is a disposable vape that features a rechargeable lithium ion battery and a grippy exterior. Aside from its compact design, it packs a punch. Plus, it comes with an authentic Hyde logo.

Battery life

If you are looking for a disposable vape, the Hyde Retro Rave Recharge 5000 Puffs is an option worth considering. This disposable e-cigarette offers a variety of flavors and a long battery life.

The Hyde Retro Rave has a unique design, including a built-in LED light that lights up when you inhale. It also comes pre-filled with a nic salt e-liquid that provides a strong nicotine kick.

This disposable e-cigarette can be recharged using a Micro USB cable. Its ergonomics make it easy to carry and use. You can also turn the light on and off with a push of a button.

Hyde Retro Rave has an impressive 13mL e-liquid capacity. It is available in a variety of flavors, including blue raspberries, banana shake, and energy drink. All of these flavors are great options for anyone looking to find a quality disposable vape.

Hyde Retro Rave Recharge 5000 puffs also features a built-in battery that can last up to 4000 puffs. However, the battery life does vary depending on how many times you inhale.


The Hyde Retro Rave Disposable e-cigarette offers a unique and innovative design, which includes a built-in LED light and ergonomic design. This disposable vape provides users with a variety of flavor options. It comes with a pre-filled cartridge, which allows for easy, convenient use. A battery and coil are also included.

This device is available in a wide range of flavors including Banana, Cream, Brazzmallows, Blue Razz Cloudz, and Aloe Grape. Each e-cig is pre-filled with 50mg nicotine salt.

This vape is designed to provide users with a large, full-bodied vapor experience. Its innovative LED light can be turned on or off with a single click. This disposable vape also features an integrated Micro USB cable. Unlike many other e-cigarettes, the Hyde Retro RAVE Recharge is rechargeable.

Hyde Disposables are among the most popular brands in the vaping industry. These devices offer users a high-quality vape experience without the need for maintenance. They are pre-filled with vape juice and can last for up to 4500 puffs.